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When a teaching professional pursues a graduate teaching degree or seeks continuing education credits, in addition to core courses in subjects ranging from art to Educational Technology, MAEd students will also concentrate on Humanities, Mathematics/Science, Technology Endorsement, and the Intervention Specialist-Mild/Moderate Educational Needs.

In the end, only you can decide not only what you expect to accomplish with a degree but also how it can help you meet your long-term goals. You will need to ask yourself if the investment of time, money and personal sacrifice are worth it and more importantly if you have what it takes to make it happen. If after asking yourself these questions you are still committed to continuing education, then perhaps a graduate degree is for you.

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MAEd and Continuing Teacher Education

One of the biggest surprises in life is that graduating from college rarely means we're free from the burden of learning. While lawyers must stay on top of the latest court decisions, doctors one step ahead of disease, few people are as committed to continuing education as free essay writers. Most teachers discover quickly that staying atop of the latest trends in teaching is not only a good idea from a practical standpoint but from a logistical one as well.

Regardless of how long you've been teaching, whether it is a few months or a few years, pursuing a Master's in Education can mean more money in addition to preparing you for administrative position in the future. Of course, any teacher can tell you money is rarely a motivating factor in pursuing a teaching career. Regardless of your motivation, you should investigate whether a Master's in Education (or any graduate degree for that matter) is something you'd like to undertake.

While a Master's degree results in higher pay in most school districts in the United States, the difference in salaries between a teacher with a Bachelor's degree and one with a Master's degree is smaller than the same degree difference in a business environment. While an MBA might yield an additional $25,000 more per year than someone with a Bachelor's degree in business, a teacher with a Master's can expect, depending on the school district, to make as much as $2000 more per year than a teacher with a Bachelor's degree.

Even if your decision isn't based on the promise of a higher salary, there are benefits to obtaining a Master's degree. Teachers wishing to instruct at some community colleges and all 4-year colleges or universities must obtain a Master's degree. A Master's degree in Education is also useful in obtaining leadership or administrative roles such as guidance counselor or principal. Even Master's degree in a particular field of study as opposed to one in general Education, you will possess a deeper, more complete knowledge of your area of expertise.

A MAEd program offers online essay writers a fresh perspective on the tools of teaching and learning. Personalized courses of study allow any teacher to strengthen their classroom instruction style, expand their knowledge of their chosen areas of instruction, and enable growth as teachers.

How Technology is Changing the Classroom

Speak to any educator and there will likely be little argument about whether or not technology has impacted the essay writing service free. Thanks to cheap, powerful personal computers and the Internet, modern classrooms allow teachers to have much greater control over how information is accessed and shared with their students.

The argument is instead focused on the true value of instructional technology. Since the first computers found their way into the classroom, many critics charge that their presence is more distraction than benefit. On the other hand, the greatest proponents of technology's place in education realize that computers and the Internet are the easiest way for American education to regain its once lofty status. Used effectively, there are signs that computers and the Internet have can increase student learning and stimulate much needed reforms in teaching practices.

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure appropriate use of computers in the classroom is through teacher training. Essay writers free need to be taught to focus their use of the computers and more specifically, the Internet, in the classroom. Obviously simply placing a computer at the back of the classroom would be a distraction for young, wandering minds. Discovering effective ways of using that computer as part of the everyday lesson plan so students can find information is the key to successful integration of computers and classrooms.

There are still many who raise the question as to the real impact technology has on teaching and learning. To that end, there is a great deal of evidence that supports the idea that technology does improve learning and helps redefine and invigorate traditional teaching methods.

The debate may rage on but the increasing demand for liberal arts graduates with a combination of technology, problem-solving and communication skills by employers should be considered before condemning the diverse teaching opportunities presented by technology.

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