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I am a British brony with a love of 3 things Muse, CoD Zombies and MLP FiM New to writing so I may suck. You have been warned! Got Xbox? Add me! x Cteno x Btw Im 17...


Shirt Poll · 3:57pm Jul 30th, 2012

Hi Guys, me again.

Im getting a shipment of shirts and need to know what designs are most popular.
Comment the pony and ill tally up!

I would appreciate very much if you showed this blog to your friends, itd really help out!
Thanks :3


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Clean it, with WUBS!

Twi be catchin' dem Pokiimans.


I'm kidding, i'm kidding; I just thought it was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

- Midnight

6315 :rainbowlaugh: is that such a bad thing? We start young in the UK I suppose...


"Btw Im 16" you say.

*Looks in favourites, sees 'Spike's Sexual Misadventures," and "The Show Goes On," right near the top*

You're an active dude :pinkiecrazy:

- Midnight

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