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Sonic Rainblast

I'm just a common sixteen year old guy with hopes and dream like everybody else, which are becoming a snowboarder, playing the bass, and attaching to my spiritual life as a minister.

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Rainbow Dash decides to overlook the humdrum in her job as weathermare with some extreme fun in the snow, but instead comes across Pinkie Pie doing something less extreme. With nothing else for pastime, Rainbow, for secret reasons, joins her in a seemingly boring activity that will teach her more than mere ice skating lessons.

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After a 1000-year condemnation on the moon, Luna has rehabilitated her position as Princess of the night. Princess Celestia is glad to see the connection between Luna and the night harmonized as well as the connection they share themselves. But there is another bond that Luna must take initiative on: socialization

A slumber party is a decision Luna makes on her endeavor, so are the six equines as special guests. With aid from Celestia, Luna just might make her first step.

This isn't necessarily my first attempted fanfic, but it's my first completed one. I hope you readers will enjoy; criticism is appreciated.

Credit to Foolonthehills for proofreading and advice.

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