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I enjoy ponies when they're in stories of great character and plot. Don't expect anything of my own, but I'll be happy to critique what you have.

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This story is a sequel to The Little Pony Legend: Legend of Everfree

For so long, Avatar Korra and her fellow Elements of Harmony fought to ensure the safety and harmony of 2 worlds. But they weren't all about just smiting their enemies with rainbows. They believed in helping everypony and everyone.

But though their generosity extended to many, not everyone was as sympathetic or forgiving. That's when Korra and her friends came up with an idea. A way to harmonize between forgiveness and penance and thus find a way to give their friends a way back into being part of the new harmony of the worlds.

This is a story of hope and change. A story of proving good intent, and coming into who many were meant to be. Of friendships formed, and hard truths confronted. Of secret good, and public praise.

You know the Legend of the Elements. Now know the story of The Redeemers.

Also, all credit to the basics of this story is due to author Maggiesheartlove for thinking up this crossover in the first place.

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