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This happening to anyone else · 11:47am April 26th

For a little bit now I've been experiencing a glitch where there's a story on my tracking page that I am not tracking not only that but when that's so it does appear it doesn't show the some of the stories I am talking, and I want to know is this happening to anyone else because it's also always the same story it's not just a bunch of random stories it's the same story

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So I kind of have an MLP au in my head · 10:47pm January 4th

So I have this My Little pony au that I've been thinking about, and I want to see stories for it but I haven't gotten around to making any stories. So I was wondering if anyone was interested in making stories. If anyone is I'll drop the details I technically have to they're very similar, just let me know if anyone's interested I'll make a blog post about them

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So I made a group · 10:18pm Nov 6th, 2021

So just letting you guys know that I made a group in case anyone's interested in joining, it's called no apple abuse (I don't know how to link things) I made it because I don't like that a lot of the Apple family fix that I find to have them use cocoa punishment so I made a group don't play I can find some more effects that don't have that

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