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Not much to talk about. My name is Tom and I am 25. Nice to meet you ^^

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In ancient times the land was once laid in forests. Ages ago mythical beings of great size inhabited and ruled over it. Back then, those beings lived peacefully with the slowly emerging pony race. But as time passed by, the pony race started to expand over the land.

Many forests have been destroyed in the process of this expansion. This act enraged the mythical creatures and friendship was replaced by hostility.

To end the hostility Princess Celestia created a great wall that seperated the "Undiscovered West" from Equestria. It all happened before the banishment of her sister Princess Luna.

But after a millenium of peaceful silence... a message reaches Canterlot about a crack in the wall. The curiosity of the small filly called Fray Leaf will lead her into the "Unexplored West" where she will meet a most unusual friend.

English is not my main language ^^ Which is why I kindly ask for forgivness if you find any mistakes in the text :)

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This fic was featured 21.12.2014

"Life can be found everywhere, as long it will be given a chance to flourish."

While the most ponies inhabit the surface of the world, some of them managed to adapt to the ecosystem beneath the earth. If it was their own choice, or some kind of punishment nobody really knows nor remembers. Seperated from their kin the ponies created their own society, populating the earth beneath the earth. The result was the birth of a nation that remained nameless until the very first Alicorn emerged from this unique society.

Since then their nation has been called Nocturia, and the bloodline of the very first Alicorn ruled over its subjects and the six existing tribes. For all this time they were seperating themselves from other ponies...

Until the day the King under the Mountain woke up from his coma, only to find the legacy of his ancestors being threatened by his own subjects.

My english is not the best. This is why I kindly ask for forgiveness ^^

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Deep beneath the surface of Equestria an unknown creature dwells within the darkness of the Underground; guarding the long forgotten Chamber of Stone and the secrets hidden within. A mighty earthquake disturbed the peace in the endless tunnels of this dark place and changed the fate of the creature forever.

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