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A story idea up for adoption! · 2:45pm Jan 26th, 2013

Okay... So I just came up with a cross-over story idea that I personally think is absolutely brilliant.
And I have to admit. It is rather... Naaauuughtyyyy...

It is actually a rather simple premise.

Rainbow Dash is put into a situation where she and her friends are talking about stuff from
their pasts. Rarity pretty much brings up how Rainbow Dash always flies about, sporting a rather
untamed appearance. It builds up to the point where Rainbow Dash has to tell her friends

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Side View Generator · 5:05am Dec 29th, 2012

Another little game of entering names and getting different results.
Side View Generator
I honestly can't believe the result I got for my Original Character name; Colt Zero.

Check dis!

( •_•)>⌐■-■

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A new one-shot and some info on my plans. · 5:09am Oct 8th, 2012

Okay so first off... I just finished a one-shot and its still going through the submission stage.
I never figured this out but does direct linking work if its not through submission yet? Ponyprika Parade
This story is random and a cross-over between MLP and a single scene from the anime movie 'Paprika'.

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Captain Buggy's Harem · 1:06am Sep 1st, 2012

Released a new one-shot clopfic featuring Captain Buggy from One Piece. Captain Buggy's Harem
It certainly doesn't have a lot of dialogue. I wasn't really aiming for that anyway.
What the hell was I aiming for with it?
Guess I just wanted to write some clop while making massive use of the chop-chop fruit.
I hope ya'll like it.

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