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This story is a sequel to Ghosts of Whitetail Wood

This story begins a few weeks before the events of Ghosts of Whitetail Wood and continues forward past the ending of that story. Celestia is confronted with the fact that her faithful student has managed to break the fundamental laws of the universe. If left uncorrected, there's a good chance that the universe itself may unravel. The obvious answer is to kill Twilight Sparkle and all of creation is conspiring to eliminate her as a threat. Celestia has other ideas.

Chapters (5)

History doesn't stop when the curtains close. Short stories highlighting events taking place in the years after the founding of Equestria are told by the princesses. Holiday cheer does not ensue. These are written as a part of the Titano-verse but are compatible with general canon and do not require any additional reading to enjoy.

Current contents:
"Hurricane's Fall" - Now an audiobook recorded by the way too awesome for words Scribbler.
"Wedding Night Jitters."
"Oracle of the Moon."
May be continued at some future date but it is done for now.

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This story is a sequel to Titanomachy

Old wounds crack open and bleed as the world changes following the events of Titanomachy. A child with a rare but unwanted talent becomes a witness to evils committed eons ago. Can the ultimate sin be forgiven with enough time? If so, should it?

This story takes place sometime between "Too Many Pinky Pies" and "Keep Calm and Flutter On."

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