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Term Paper Outline


Term paper outline is a rough draft of the essay you are planning to write. In it you should write all the ideas related to the topic that comes to your mind. This preliminary plan of the essay should be made at the time when you are still researching as it might facilitate research and vice versa.

Some tutors ask the students to show their rough drafts at the time of submitting their assignments. Some might even ask their students to submit their rough draft a few days ahead of submitting their main assignment. So every point should be written in a clear handwriting. On the top of the page write the topic of the essay. Since this is not a final draft don’t worry about the order in which you are writing the ideas. You can later change the structure of ideas. Write the ideas neatly. Put them next to the roman numerals or bullet points so that you don’t get confused while writing the final draft.

A term paper should begin with something that at once attracts the reader’s attention and our term paper service can help. You can write down that point in the rough draft too. There is no need to elaborate it as it can be done later. Prepare the rough draft keeping in mind the topic. Don’t write it half-heartedly thinking that you will not be graded upon it. Remember that the more organized and informative the rough draft is the lesser trouble you will have take in writing the final version.

The plan should be divided into three parts. The first part should be for the introduction. In this part present the main idea or the thesis statement of your essay. Give background information. Write the citations or at least the page numbers and name of the text from where you intend to cite.

The second part is for the body of the essay. In this part write down all the other points that you wish to cover. Along with these points also write down the name of the text and page numbers of all the references you would make. If you will give all this information in the rough draft then the only thing that you would have to do would be to copy down the quotes while writing the final draft. The flow of writing gets hampered if you have to look for a suitable quotation for every point during the time of actually writing down the essay.

The third part is the conclusion. In this part, mention the main ideas of the essay in different wordings. Write down the solution or implication of the thesis. Also try to relate your thesis to a larger picture that is beyond the scope of your essay. That means write briefly how the topic under discussion gets affected by or affects the society at large or any other community, cause or organization.

Term paper outline is the basic structure on which your essay is based. If you want your essay to be graded well then before focussing on the actual essay make a strong plan of how to proceed with it and read some examples on the "do my homework for me" website.

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