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I enjoyed my time in Ponyville with my friends, the very first friends I ever made. I enjoyed the good times, and learned from the bad times. We did so much, helped so many. I became a princess in time, not realizing exactly what that meant for me.

It's been 150 years since I first came to Ponyville. My friends have all passed from this world, leaving me behind.

Do I even have a reason to keep going?

Cover by kajitanii.

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Gaming is one brilliant hobby. You can take on the character of anyone you wish, and play through their lives. Many game genres are out there, but it was one game, one in particular, that caught the attention of the world. And like all games, it had it die-hards. Playing the game, beating the competition, and owning the field were their goals!
Until they won, and received their grand prize...

This story is cancelled. It may be rewritten in the future, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim.

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