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Spanish, Brony since 2013 and with a creative story writer (mostly). Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle; Favorite EG: Sunset Shimmer; Favorite G5 Pony: Izzy Moonbow

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  • Thursday

    Who would have thought that a newbie like me, that joined 2 years ago to write on here because i wanted to do it as a hobbie; i never did fanfic before and not in english; a language that i don't write much before joining on 2021.

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  • 14 weeks
    About the new fanfic (NSFW)

    Hi there.

    Well, i've come back out of nowhere with a new fanfic that i wrote 1 chapter, publish it and now i have ready the 2nd chapter; i still have to think on 2 more chapters because the closing of the story is something i have thinked already. How did i came to that idea? Well, that's what i'm going to talk about.

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  • 15 weeks
    New Name

    Hello, long time no see; it happened again... i became a bit inactive.

    But i'm not here to tell that, i really want to become active at some point again and go back into the writing part. I'm here to tell that i've changed my name to something more short and easy to remember.

    I'm really hoping i can get inspired to write again; but for now i'm stuck and don't know how to continue.

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  • 50 weeks
    About Zombie Land Equestria

    Zombie Land Equestria is about to end, just 3 more chapters left to completition.

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  • 51 weeks
    Make Your Mark Episodes: My thoughts

    So, make your mark aired a week ago on Netflix and i must say that it isn't as bad as it was on the 1st 45 minutes we got presented on May 26th. So what do i think about the series... find out down here now.


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Hi There! TheRayH here

Well, Hello! :twilightsmile:

I'll present myself, i'm RaymanH; a Spanish (From Seville in Spain) brony who likes almost everything about this fandom.

I met FIM in 2010 but i started watching it in 2013 (Yes, the year of Equestria Girls) with the episode "Sweet and Elite" from Season 2, and after that... well i started to follow more news about the show and went deeper into it (yup, Clop came in). From the Mane 6 my favorite is Twilight Sparkle :twilightblush: and from Equestria Girls is Sunset Shimmer

Early this year looking for something diferent i found this place and started writing immediatly and started reading as well.

Few Things i want to clarify:
- English is not my mother language so expect some spelling errors in the stories (i try to make them the less as possible)
- If you want to leave a comment in a story try to be objective instead of saying random things or directly insulting the writer.
- You're not obligated to follow me, do it if you feel that you would like to follow my content.
- I accept ideas for stories for free, but i won't write about things that are not allowed in the site or if i'm not comfortable with it; also keep in mind that i also have my own and i priorize those before ideas given.
- If i change a character's personality in a story it's because i don't like the real personality or because i feel it's better for the story.
- Please abstein of publishing any comments with racist, anti-lgbt, Sexism or basically any discrimination messages on this page or stories. Those will be reported as soon as i see them.
- Do not dislike a fic if you haven't read at least one chapter. I like honest votes over hating votes just because you want to do it

I think that's it for now. Feel free to say hello anytime you want, i don't bite... yet. See ya on my stories and i really hope to stay here for a long time.

More about me:

  • Currently 23 Years Old
  • Always between 2 for favorite animes: Little Witch Academia and Zombie Land Saga
  • I love female characters, specially the ones that aren't the stereotype of girls
  • I hate egocentric characters, but can accept them if they do something good for once

Thankful · 11:41am Yesterday

Who would have thought that a newbie like me, that joined 2 years ago to write on here because i wanted to do it as a hobbie; i never did fanfic before and not in english; a language that i don't write much before joining on 2021.

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It had too many problems with writing and continuity things; many things that i wasn't happy with, but the drop that spilled the drink were the comments; a lot of them were negative so i decided to delete it because i couldn't find a way to make it better. Also i wanted t focus on other stories that were a little better

What happened to your adult EqG CMC story?

Well, thank you for all the favs on my latest story, i'm currently writing chapter 2 and i have ideas clear for 2 more chapters and the final 2. So, let's see if i can write at least to the point of having the next 3 by this weekend and next week

It's good to be back! yay!

I think i have a hater... every single comment is downvote in this page and as quick i published a new fic is also downvoted. Listen, if you don't like my content, don't dislike everything i post; you can block a user and i know that person will read this... so if you're there and reading this just block me but just let me do what i like.

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