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Red is an orphan who was raised by Princess Luna after he ran away from his original home, north of Canterlot. He suffers heavily from insomnia, and spends most days avoiding the other Canterlot ponies. They treat him -differently- than most other ponies.
Fayla, the coffeeshop owner down the street from his flat has been the only pony other than Luna he has held a conversation with.
WIll he gain her trust, and will he find out more about his past?

Chapters (2)

When Spike accidentally sends Celestia an explicit romance novel of Twilight's, Twilight will stop at nothing to get as far away from Ponyville as she can. Of course, it wouldn't make a great story if the whole of Equestria didn't find out, right?

First two chapters set up the story, from then on up it's gonna be longer chapters, more exciting things happening, and "juicy" gossip.

Chapters (4)

Indigo Flight is a young, disenchanted, cocky and aggressive pegasus who hates his job, life, and himself.

Told from the POV of Indigo himself, he puts you in his shoes for a while, and tells the tale of how one pegasus scoops him up from rock-bottom, and turns his life around in to a loop-de-loop of friendship and love.

Chapters (3)

This is a second person Romantic fic involving you, as Silverbolt - a renown Wonderbolt who is the colt of many mare's dreams. You meet Rainbow Dash and Applejack, two lovely mares at the Running of the Leaves, and when Dash finds out that you're a Wonderbolt, she takes an instant fascination towards you. However, when she introduces you to her friend Applejack, she blows yu away with her beauty. What would you go through to woo the love of your life?

Chapters (3)
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