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Ah well. That may be a couple years from now, real time. but, your choice

946300 Oh, thanks. Anyway i think i'll wait until the "endgame" is done, i'm not even 100% sure i'm gonna submit it in the first place. :moustache:


Yes, everything is a little chaotic at the moment. However, I'm confident enough in what's going to to say that the revamp is probably coming to fruition.

In regards to Trout's comment, what he means is that in order to give meaning to a story and weight to a characters emotions, you need to describe what the character does, not simply "tell" what they are feeling. I can say "Rainbow Dash was very upset that she was rejected by the Wonderbolts" or I can say

"After returning home from the tryouts, Rainbow Dash slammed her door behind her. Looking around her room, her eyes caught on a picture above the hearth, one of the Wonderbolts handing her the 'Best Young Flier' medal. After staring at it for a moment, she snarled and threw it against the opposite wall, breaking the glass. Shortly afterwards, she tore down every poster, every banner she could get her hooves on, anything that had the Wonderbolts insignia on it. 5 minutes later, she stood panting in the middle of the living room. Dropping her flank to the floor, she choked back a sob before the rest of the tears slowly dropped from her face to the floor. She slept in that spot throughout the night."

Can you see the difference? In the first, I'm telling you what happened. In the second, I'm showing you. This is a little simplified but that's the general idea. So yes, it's a thing. There are times for either way of writing, mostly in terms of how important something is to the story and what you want to convey.

That being said, now is a good time to resubmit, although RLYoshi isn't regulating and Trout is again. You only have to pick 3 though.

936887 It never got past TroutKing, something about "You tell us and not show us." which i never understood seeing as how the stories are written and you have to read them, tried asking Google what it actually meant but all i got were thousands of other writers trying to figure it out too, forum pages filled with guys wondering if it is an actual thing. I understand that for the canon the group needs to keep some kind of standard, but this is fanfiction, we ain't got any R.R Martins hiding in the bushes (iykwim).

It passed the other 2 readers and now that Trout is not in that list any more i might have a better shot at it if i resubmit, but it seems that CGotG is going towards some kind of "endgame" (i would call it more of a season finale but that's just me... unless the majority of the canon writers intend to wrap up the story and stop writing from there on, but they would have to be insane to do that) plus, jumping into canon in the middle of that with a new story and new characters without looking like i copied all the others (or if i didn't care about that, at least come with something new that hadn't already been done in the 50 or so stories that now fill the group) seemed somewhat pointless, and tbh just a tad too much work.

Originally i planned on striking it out good with Blackwing and maybe get my story to play a bigger role if i did some collab with him, but he was very busy at the time and his story was going at snail pace so that never happened.

I'll just sit back and watch this metaphorical train wreck run it's course. The group looks like it is in disarray (has been now for half a bloody year) and the revamp still under way, i feel that throwing myself head first into that would only add more fuel to the fire. :moustache:

So.... you had a story you wanted canon. Judging by the fact it's not released, I would guess it hasn't passed moderation. Once/if it does, do you still want in canon?

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The greatest thing ever to come from this fandom.

I stand corrected on that last one.

I have no idea what this module is for.

I'm serious, it was just here when i made the profile and i have no flippin' idea what it is used for, but that's okay.

Now go read some fanfics or something.

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