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I'm Joanne, an MLP fan who's especially fond of the Dazzlings.

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I love cartoons, anime, reading, video games, writing, learning languages, watching videos/movies/TV shows, music, singing, piano, and ballet!

Here are some of my stances on controversial topics, and a bit more about me:

Legend: Text like this is how I identify. Coloured text is my opinion on the subject in general.

Gender and Pronouns: I am a cisfemale, and my pronouns are she/her. Everyone should respect each other's pronouns, and "masculinity," "femininity," and social roles are constructs that I believe should be abolished.

Sexuality: I identify as bicurious, but honestly, I'm probably bisexual. I believe in equality for all and stand against discrimination and other bad things of the LGBTQ community.

Ethnicity: I am Canadian and Bulgarian. My parents immigrated from Bulgaria to Canada, so I am of Bulgarian ethnicity but I was born and raised in Canada (Bulgaria is bordering Romania and Greece if you don't know where it is BTW). Don't be racist and please respect others' cultures. Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter.

Abortion: I am a feminist if you didn't get that yet. Ultimately, I am pro-choice. Pregnancies can be dangerous, and if the woman was raped or does not want the baby under understandable circumstances, then it is HER choice. Now, if the maternal mother doesn't want the baby for reasons such as she believes she can't take care of it, then I do believe it's okay to suggest having the baby but sending the baby to an orphanage.

Conditions: I have no physical or mental conditions, though I am a bit sensitive. I believe that we should treat all people equitably and that neuro-divergent people have value.

Family: I am an only child. I've always wanted a little sister that I can tease though. Families can come in different sizes. A single mother or father with children is still a family.

I will not be friends with anyone who is homophobic, racist or sexist.

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