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After Octavia's wild, romantic fling, how will her old college friend Vinyl Scratch react to a rather zealous fan of her own? Perhaps Octavia will be able to offer her some pointers, even after the last year or two of not speaking to one another?

Rated Teen for romantic scenes, suggestive situations, and use of alcohol.

Chapters (2)

A look into Luna's psyche, this is an exploration of Princess Luna's thoughts and emotions. While not made entirely of journal entries, it is a careful study of Luna, and my personal views on what likely makes the Nighttime Princess tick.

Chapters (8)

Shady Sound has always been a fan of all kinds of music, from classical to dubstep. However, a certain cellist has grasped his undivided attention. One who is octaves beyond any other in terms of both music and beauty.

Octavia is used to having fans. When one rises above the others, what choice will she make in regards to his feelings for her?

Rating Teen for the time being, due to innuendo and strong romance.

Chapters (10)

What if the Mane 6, as well as other ponies from Equestria, were part of other universes? This is a collection of short stories in which the characters of MLP: FiM get thrown around in a hundred different ways. Hardcore nerds should enjoy this. (A side note: I have not made any real cover work for this, because I'm not sure what would work for it. If anypony has some decent artwork, or would like to contribute, I'd be very grateful.)

This story's rating is currently pending.

Chapters (3)

Switching between two characters, one human, one a pony, this is a fictional tale of the clash between two worlds. A human, former pilot for the Unites States Navy, tells the story of the war with Equestria, after a mysterious rift opened between the worlds. At the same time, a Pegasus pony describes his time in the war, and how he served in the EAF (Equestrian Air Force) under his commanding officer.

(Teen for some shipping and some violent moments which include blood and war.)

Chapters (10)
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