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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


New policy on Equestria Daily · 4:46am Feb 16th, 2012

A new three trikes policy is up for fanfiction. Go there for greater detail.

Okay, I've submitted 'Elements of Harmony and Savior of Worlds' once already. I'm not sure the policy applies to fics submitted before it went up, or if they'll amend it to a 'cooling down' period or whatnot, but I'd prefer the side of caution.

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Post sent off to proofreader and new fic in the works! · 1:22am Feb 9th, 2012

Next post for the Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds has been sent to the proofreader, but I'm flying to Utah for a convention tomorrow, so good chance I won't be able to get to it until next week. I'm also working on a new story called 'The Elements of Discord', where Trixie tries to be a hero... and succeeds!

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A trope page and thanks! · 1:22am Feb 1st, 2012

So, I have a trope page. I'd like to thank the person who set it up. :D I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the positive response my story's gotten, too. I'm working on a new chapter as we speak... type... you know. So if you'd be so inclined to add any tropes that might be appropriate, it'd be appreciated.


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Should I redeem Blueblood? · 11:16pm Dec 4th, 2011

A reviewer on fanfiction.net asked if it would be possible for me to redeem Blueblood in some fashion, since I'm already doing something like that with Trixie. The problem I see is that Trixie already has... potential for redemption in canon with little to no addition beyond 'coming back and apologizing to certain ponies'. Blueblood... often needs a personality transplant. ;) So I say to you, should I do something with him beyond 'fool at the Gala and cad to Rarity'?

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Long Week... · 3:36pm Nov 23rd, 2011

This past week and before has been a special kind of hell for me. I had to fly to California for a funeral, and this week I've been a bit... depressed. *sigh*

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A blog... for me? · 3:55pm Nov 21st, 2011

Now that I think about it... I've never written a blog before. Heck, never even kept a diary. What should I say?

Well... I'm 33, love the show. I'm from New Hampshire and... also like Transformers? What do I say? What do you want from me?! ;)

Well, my fic? It grew from discussion at spacebattles.com and rpg.net about how G1 and G4 could be melded together. And I went from there.

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