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It’s my Birthday · 10:42pm February 25th

Hey everyone I wanted to say that It’s my birthday.

I am now 18 years old.

P.s their will a new chapter coming soon on my Golden Child series.

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Mlp x Pokémon Crossover Adventure? · 6:11am February 9th

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if you guys and gals or any gender want a mlp x Pokémon crossover adventure. It will be about Austin and co going on a Pokémon journey to all 8 regions doing gyms battles, going to the Pokémon league and all that stuff. I have some questions for you all to answer if you do want to comment. I will make separate questions on my blog for you guys to give your opinion on this idea. For now the question is... do you guys want me to make this story in the future?

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