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Not all tales are true, as is to be expected. Sometimes there are blatant lies, sometimes a story is made up, and sometimes parts are left out. When the three species of ponies came to Equestria, it was a land they knew they could inhabit, but it would take time. The horrors and monsters and ponies that quickly followed the discovery of Equestria are often left out to prevent bad rumors and the nightmares of children. But one of the monsters from that period of time is much alive.

A lot is subject to change with this story because it is not complete. Depending on feedback, I will finish it or I won't.

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Scootaloo is now the only filly without a Cutie Mark. She still plays with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, but every time she is there with them, the saddening fact that she is without a Cutie Mark and can't even fly takes over her mind. On a late and rainy night with no place to go, Scootaloo is allowed inside the local bar where she meets a pony with some life-changing advice.

I decided to re-submit this due to a recent interest in the story. Seeing as to how the chapters were riddled with spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout, yet still had zero dislikes, thirteen likes, and generally good comments, I thought that a re-submission might be worth it.

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Fluttershy just can't seem to get her wings down today and has to get food delievered for her animals. The worst part about it? She has to walk through the town with wings fully erect and nopony is leaving her alone.

This is rated for everypony becuase it's not really that bad. This is in no way meant to be taken seriously. I think that everyone who reads this can read the word "wingrection" without thinking that this needs to be a teen fiction. There are one or two inappropriate moments in the story, but nothing horrible. /)

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