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I have been reading fictions for over 3 years💙⚡️

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Waiting for approval (My first fic) · 5:27pm Jan 14th, 2021

It waiting for approval guys! Do you know how long it may take?

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Aww, sweet. I'll be sure to make fluffy then, Hm?:raritywink:

No prob. That was super amazing fic, one of better I ever read tbh. Can’t wait to see more fics from you ^^

Hiya! Thank you so very much for favoriting my Snuggles Are For Everypony! Really glad you enjoyed it!:raritystarry:
Not to mention, thank you all the more for the watch! And for being my 40th follower! Thank you very much for all that :heart:

Okie! I can’t wait to see this!❤️

Oh, definitely. I've just set myself some goals to finish up a few other incomplete stories first. Zap Apple is quite planned out though, so all I need is time to write it out. Thanks for taking an interest! Feel free to comment sometime! :twilightsmile:

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