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    Is now an appropriate time to have a nice cry?

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  • Friday
    Currently about to break something

    Living my best life aha

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  • Friday
    Finally about to get missiles on my oppressor in GTA V

    —for context, the Oppressor MK 2 is the flying bike. But you have to purchase a Terrorobyte (at least a million dollars), the extended vehicle modding workshop in it (about $500,000), and then the missiles, which go for $180,000. Now that I’ve finally racked up the last bit of money I need, I can finally buy the missiles.

    This means that I can destroy enemy cargo for cash and RP, get demolition based jobs done faster, and literally just kill other players for shits and giggles.

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  • Friday
    Watching Criminal Psychology Right Now

    Just got into a YouTube channel by the name of Jim Can’t Swim - Criminal Psychology and got hooked on the “What Pretending to Be Crazy Looks Like” video.

    Now I’m watching the interrogation of Stephanie Lazarus (Police officer who murdered her ex boyfriend’s wife out of jealousy and got away with it for two decades), and Jesus Christ.

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  • Friday
    Stomach ache

    I ate a whole lotta chocolate chip pancakes this morning. And fuck



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Welp · 1:19am 11 hours ago

Is now an appropriate time to have a nice cry?

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