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Author's note: this story is still undergoing occasional editing as I figure out what the hay I'm doing. Some scenes may be added, modified, or removed.

Two months ago, a changeling posing as Rainbow Dash tried to abduct Twilight. Nopony was hurt, but Twilight became a bit paranoid--how could she make sure something like that wouldn't happen again? The best thing she could think of was to invent a spell, empowered with her full might as princess, that would forcibly remove the disguise of any changeling in the vicinity.

It's testing day, and Ponyville's about to get twenty percent buggier . . .

AU taking place between seasons 3 and 4. Trigger warning for one scene of implied dubcon.

Chapters (6)

My Little People is a show for foals, but that doesn't mean it isn't popular with grownups. Countless mares and stallions watch the show, read the fanfics, and dream of someday meeting a human of their very own.

One such stallion is about to get his wish. But his luck may not be as great as he thinks . . .

Written in two hours while sick with a cold, then rewritten from the ground up after two mod rejections. If this doesn't pass muster this time, I give up.

Chapters (1)

The base and the glass are no different from any other snow globe, but it holds an endless void inside it. When two young sisters jokingly request for it to show them its magic, it gives them the power to fill it as they please. Within that dimension, they might as well be goddesses--but to the world at large, they're still confused, frightened children.

The younger sister, bitter and lonely, thinks it's a chance to make a better world than our own. The elder sister just feels responsible for protecting the innocent pastel quadrupeds they've created. But can two children really be the goddesses the pony race needs? And when monsters begin to threaten the ponies, what must the sisters sacrifice to create the Equestria they dream of?

Chapters (7)

As centuries pass, monuments crumble and legends distort, so Princess Celestia gives each of Equestria's greatest champions one chance to set the record straight. She allows them to choose a single memory, and she stores it in a magical crystal in an annex of the Canterlot archives, viewable by anypony who wishes to learn of past heroes.

To honor her many years of heroism, Pinkie Pie has earned the right to store a memory. But which of her memories is most important?

Chapters (1)
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