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Party Pony · 5:28am Sep 17th, 2012

I've got a Party for you,
Put on a cheery grins,
and randomness too.

Let the streamers fly,
And the balloons float,
We're ready to start.

Crank up the music,
We'll follow its beat,
Its rhythm our hearts.

Looking at your eyes,
That cute blush you have,
My Special Pony.

Let's dance together,
Heart and hooves all one,
Certain we're true loves.

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TARDY · 7:48am Feb 21st, 2012


Among looses leaves and parchment rolls,
Time has taken its ticking tolls.
Midst pages she’ve just shuffled,
The unicorn groaned and jostled.

Checklists, manuals, and chores at hoof,
Twilight Sparkle isn’t aloof.
Orders and works she needs to keep,
To cross seas of troubles deep.

Due dates knocking ever so soon,
A single botch and it’s the moon.

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Rainbow Skies · 1:00pm Dec 23rd, 2011

Dashing along with you,
Gets me out of the blue.
That sweet smile on your face,
Does quickens my wing's pace.
Toward the clouds we glide,
Together side by side.

As I gaze in your eyes,
Those pair of magentas.
They melt my heart's cold ice,
With lovely agendas.

Your wispy spectral mane,
Flutters as our speed gain.
Holding our hooves as one,
Never will we be gone.

As we zoom past the mist,

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Party Pony · 3:16pm Dec 22nd, 2011

Streamers, Balloons, cakes everywhere she goes,
Parties, fun, cannons wherever she rolls.
Bouncing and Pouncing all the way,
Keeping parasprites at the bay.
Okie Dokie Loki she likes to say,
Alas you break her Swear she makes you pay.
Singing, giggling, flying, and smiling,
Vying one day to topple this thick fourth wall.

Oh Pinkie Pie, you're always so random,
That is why there is a pony fandom.

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