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"God Damn it, if you can visualize it, if you can dream it, then there's some way to do it! Now keep after it until you get it!"

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Five years of being on wholesome adventures and travels around the world let Flame Thrower prove to himself that he's not a weak and ordinary type of pony, which resulted in him gaining his cutie mark. The blue pegasus is returning to his hometown – Cloudsdale, where he left his family and his old life. How his family will react upon seeing that a lost member of their family is back? Does he finally settle what, from now on, he wants to achieve in his life? What, or better, who he meets on the way? Does it involve facing the past and new challenges? Read and see yourself!

Story about Rainbow Dash's brother, who cames back after years of being on the trip around the world to prove himself that he's something more than an average pegasus with blank dreams.

WARNING: First-ever written & published online story by me! There might be some grammar mistakes or poorly used sentences. All in all, do not hesitate to show your feedback to make this story, as well as my future stories, much better!

Romance tag and other characters are for future chapters! :trixieshiftright:

Without further ado,
Enjoy the story! :twilightsmile:

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