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Revised chapter one · 4:54pm Dec 14th, 2015

I've toyed with the idea for a little while, and I finally did it: chapter one has been heavily revised, and the original version has been banished to a forsaken hole like the abomination it was.
Now, if only I could find the willpower to fix chapter 2...

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An idiot is me! · 7:28am Sep 27th, 2014

I somehow managed to post the draft of chapter 17, instead of the revised version. Derp.
I didn't do large revisions but Amneiger polished it a lot. Less errors, some parts are clearer, too.
I'll upload the newest version ASAP.

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Breaking news · 8:01am Jan 26th, 2014

I don't even know if anyone (or anything) actually read those blog posts, so I'm writing one anyway.
Chapter Fifteen is still a work in progress. I reckon I am about halfway done, so don't expect it for another month or so.
On other news, I also started to rework the earliest chapters on the side. I probably won't be done with that for a few months though.

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Not dead yet! · 8:42am Jun 20th, 2013

The seventh chapter of SoG, "The Big Empty", is taking an awful long time to write, sorry for the two and half readers who have subscribed to the story by accident. Right now, I'm about two-third done with it, at over 5k words. Now that I'm in vacation, it should go a little faster.

On another note, I've drawn a map of my headcanon post-apocalyptic Equestria. It's not pretty, but it'll do.

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Uh, update? · 10:45am Apr 28th, 2013

I realized I didn't have even a single blog post, so I'm filling the hole with some news about Shades of Grey.

The fifth chapter is pretty much done, and was sent to Lepking a few days ago for proofreading. I reckon it'd be published before the end of the week, but it's all in his hands now.

Also, I'm currently commissioning a cover image from Greeny-Nyte. ETA: no freakin' idea.

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