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Twilight and her newfound friends find themselves in a forest with a bunch of scary trees! Its up to Pinkie to show those trees whose boss with disco stomping power!

(Special thanks to my friend and co-author of this story waywardfallout. Check out his story A Third Front Has Opened Up its really good!)

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(Takes place in the middle of Season 2. Consider this story an alternate universe where all lore is subject to change.)

In the Everfree nearby the ruins of the Castle of the Two Princesses, a force moves through the land. In its wake the skeletons of animals both large and small are found by Twilight and her friends. For two weeks Fluttershy and Twilight have been copiously combing the forest in hopes of getting any clues, to no avail. But when they discover a skeleton bigger than they've ever seen before. Twilight decides its time to call in the big hoofs, Princess Celestia. But will she be able to assist? Or is this old castle holding more memories then she wishes to let free?

-Thank you to my proofreaders waywardfallout and Dio Brando!!-

--Comments welcome. Critique encouraged. Thank you for reading!--

Chapters (1)
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