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OC: Sparkey Gears.
cutie mark:Engineering/electrics.
Sparkey is an maintenance engineer on the Newtoon (Newton) Power plant a few miles east from Canterlot. Sparkey Gears were born with a high resistance to electricity and an adapt natural understanding with it, with made him almost perfect to the job of maintenance worker for the wires and fixing the gears close to the danger zones, despite him not being a unicorn which would be more common to see on other power plants because they would just levitate parts together, he offered he's service cheaper because of financial issues and were hired almost on the spot. has a fair relation to he's co. workers but dislike he's boss, as he often try and cut payment off for whatever reason he can find, be it an accident or just some random crap made up on the spot. but in need of the job and with no other apparent carrier available he just put up with it.

he is a stable character but he is prown to fits of annoy'ed anger.
have no apparent problems socially but is more of a loner by nature.
have had trouble with dating and have a great lack of self respect, but is far from a pushover. he'll give you one if you try and talk trash to him. which have given him more than a few run ins with the guards ponies. for reasons that should be obvious.
ran away at the age of 8 because of an abusive mother and an alcoholic father, but that is as far as we have come in terms of he's origin. the origin of he's parents is yet unknown and previous attempts at gaining information have had met with four of our informants end up in the hospital with sever bruises and cracked bones. (and in some cases broken) further attempts is postponed until further notice.

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Followed because your name is Dr. Vodka.

Thanks for the favorite.

2052366 i honestly feel like it was rushed a bit, throw him at some ponies to get ether ass kicked and let the rest of the story work from there, tho i'm not sure what else you could have done with it.
and our main character feels over-equipped. and with to much variety in arsenal it can become over-complicated further in a story and confuse some readers with the things he can do with what he has down the line, and depending on how frequently he use what weapons/spells/enchanted armor some might be all but forgotten until some point when it might be/feels like it should be relevant, which might confuse or turn off some from the story. had he just he's trademark scythes it would be something most would recognize from playing the game or watching a walk-through.

he's personality feel's solid enough tho, so that's a point in he's favor.

Thanks for faving Lord of Bones. What do you like/dislike about it? Let me guess, it has vodka and you want more vodka?

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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