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  • 35 weeks

    Apparently, I will not be able to write for a bit. I am a bit busy at the moment with school and some other life stuff.

    See you soon!

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  • 38 weeks
    I will be takin' a break from writing for a teensy bit.

    Since I'm kinda sick at the moment. I will be continuing "A Take of One Hero" when I feel better.

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My favorite type of music is classical
I'm an avid reader
My birthday is in 11 days from today I will be 30 years old
I also like to game
I taught myself to read at the age of two years old
I study mythology so I know about mythical creatures
I also know about the darker myths such as the Japanese zombie the jykaninky it's not a rotting corpse instead it's a decrepit old man
And instead of eating brains it is much more intelligent and will cut out their victim's heart and then they will eat it
And then there's My favorite mythical creature the vampire you know true creatures of the night
Sometimes they burn in sunlight but in those trashy romance novels they sparkle in sunlight for dramatic effect
They drink blood
They have super speed and super strength
They are immortal
Then there's the banshee ghost women that can kill someone with a single scream
Spirit's in a constant state of unrest

For your information, I am not a politician. And I hate politics as much as you.
Also, you need to learn to control your anger. Losing your temper towards a complete stranger (which I am) is foolhardy. Anger issues are far from the best way to deal with your problems. In fact, it only makes the problem worse.

I'm very easily irritated
And I hate politicians I absolutely can't stand them
I also have a short temper
And trust me you don't want to get on my nerves because I tend to get explosive in my anger
The reason I hate politicians is that they are completely corrupt nitwits
And the reason I hate the current president is because his brain is in his ass!!!
That is why I'm so hostile right now
If you were Smart you'd avoid politics all together it's nothing but trouble

Calm down now. No need to make violent remarks. I have heard of the story but have very little memory of the author. If I find them somewhere on the site, I'll let you know.

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