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Something unprecedented hit the headlines in the School of Friendship.
The last incredible deeds of a certain mare elected her to be the new local Superhero.
Starlight has absolutely no reason to believe the opposite.
This calls for a reward.

Written in an hour for the "Superheroes!" Contest of Q&S Speedwriting group, with prompt "Great Power brings Great Responsibility".

Art by me. Used this as a reference for the background

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Twilight has always had a lab beneath the library. But not everypony should know what she's up down there.

They may not take it well.

3° place in the speedwrite sketch contest in the Q&S group with this picture as prompt.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle Reviews The Shinning On The Radio

After her first disastrous review of a book on the radio, Twilight finds that her outburst are considered comic gold from most ponies.
Even too much...

It is a expansion of the universe (aka a sequel) of Twilight Sparkle Reviews The Shinning On The Radio by Twinsez. Yes, you should go and read that one first.

Written for the (second?) EU contest in the Q&S speedwriting group. Thank for all the comments and reviews!

The cover art is a mix of frames from ForgaLorga and Agrol Channel videos. Spike is from the show.

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The friendship missions are such a bore!

Yes, there are action, objectives, even magic, but I'd like them more like... quests.
You know, like our O&O campaign.
Those quests are really something!
And I bet the Cutie Map here would agree too, what do you say?

Everyone - "Discord NO"

Discord YES

Story written for the "Game Life" contest in the group Quills and Sofas. Thanks a bunch for all the reviews!

Now with a Sequel, Lost in Sidequests: Epic Loot!, from the amazing The Hat Man!

Image by Goattrain.

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Short lighthearted story about Tirek and his son, Ghoru, that unfolds when he discovers their food is actually extracted from other creatures. And it will be his father's job to convince him it's not so bad... Or just to listen to his stomach.

Submitted as an entry for Villain's contest at Quills and Sofas with prompt "Coming Clean". This is one of my very first stories written in English, so I'd like to thank all the members of the group for their suggestions and comments.

The cover is a mix of vectors from Masemj, Aleximusprime and BonesWolbach.

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