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Years ago when the Celestia sisters ruled in peace and harmony, a new princess was born. The Sisters were baffled looking down on the small pony, who although having just been born, was extremely small even on baby pony standards. They called her FallenStar, because on the night she was born thousands of stars had flown through the sky as if wishing to join one of their lost was because of her small size, that he sisters decided to keep the new princess a secret until she was big enough to hold her own against the world. Everything was perfect until Luna turned into Nightmare Moon. The jealousy of their eldest sister over threw her love for her little sister, and Luna was lost to them as Nightmare tried to install the eternal night. Celestia knowing how much this upset their littlest sister finally decided to seal Nightmare into her beloved moon for a thousand years. Fallen heard of her eldest sister's plan and she knew that even if Luna wasn't there any more she would have to save her because she couldn't stand for the sun and moon to be torn apart by such trivial matters. This caused our little heroine to devise a plan. So the time came to curse Nightmare and right before the curse was finished and the jelous pony sent to the moon, A small figure opened her wings and flew for the first time right into the beam of light, sacrificing herself to save her loved sister.

Now a thousand years have past and the curse is uplifted, thus sending a small cutemarkless Alicorn back to the land of Equestria. The pony arrived like the fallen stars she was named after and crashed landed with a boom in the farthest acre of the Apple Family Orchard where our story begins.

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