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  • 27 weeks

    Hi, everyone! I haven't been posting a lot, mainly be because I have no idea what to post. Hmm...I have to think of something interesting to write.

    So, how about some riddles? Whose up for a riddle challenge?

    Warning, please do not reveal the answers YET.

    1. Take two numbers, such that the square of the first, plus the square of the second, shall equal 8; while the first, plus the product of the first and second, shall equal 6. What are the two numbers?


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  • 39 weeks
    Random post

    Hey, everyone! I'm just helping around here. Nocturnalis Storyheart changed her account, her new one is here:

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  • 40 weeks
    Friend in need

    Click in this link

    He needs our help. C'mon, his situation is utterly so emotional. It was his birthday yesterday and he didn't get what he really wanted. He wanted friendship and forgiveness. But he didn't receive it from his best friend for eternity.

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Call me Evanna or just simply, Evie! (I'd rather not reveal my real name)

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Hey there... how have you been? :fluttershysad:

Thanks for the follow!

I can see them, yep I can

Hey... can you see my messages...? It... seems like I can't send anything... I don't know why... it just doesn't appear for me.

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