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"Nick, why? Why me?"
"I-I...Jesus, I don't know! I was just so alone and you were there and you-you didn't run from me. You stayed and helped me. It would only make sense for me to...I'm sorry please don't hate me."

Nick was a bitter man. Keyword was bitter. He isn't dead, no far from it, he is alive and well in Equestria.
After atypical night of drinking alone at the bar, Nick buys and old man dinner and well... things went downhill from there. Waking up in a library, he finds himself surrounded by....Ponies? Nick tries to adjust to his new life but lets just say not everything goes his way. The following is a tale of anger, sorrow, compassion and hate.
And it all boils down to one thing; "Please don't hate me."

I suck at descriptions, just give it a go, eh?

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Currently being rewritten to fix all grammar issues and story inconsistency

I always thought life was a bit dreary and after losing everything I had nothing to live for. So after an unfortunate accident whilst drunk I find myself here in Equestria, I think is the name, with a butt load of talking cartoon like talking ponies. They have magic, which is nearly impossible for me to do, but still attainable, but that isn't the strangest part. I have conversed with a deity of light, one of dark, one of love and another of chaos, but that isn't the strangest part. I met the saviors of this place, The Elements of Harmony, six fun loving and caring mares. And the worst part is I think I fell for one of them.
My name is Evan Wright and I am now living in Equestria.

Edited by zubafa and as of 2/24/2013 MLP Lover
As of 2/1/13 Proof read by Nekosama321, Cold Spike, and The Grim Reaper

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A simple story about Luna and Celestia when they were young in which Luna encounters a horrific beast:
A Butterfly.....MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Be forewarned, there are many D'Aawws to be held and you may need insulin too, just saying.
Just got the idea after seeing a cute little comic.

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