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I love Rainbow Dash and nothing can change that!

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After receiving a letter from Princess Cadence, Rainbow Dash is set of to help the Crystal Empire with what they call, a serious situation. At first the rainbow mare claimed that the situation would be quick and easy, turns out the empire's ponies have other things in mind for her. Surprises that make her feel very welcomed.

Includes: lots of lovey-dovey Soarindash moments, teen rated sex, Flurry Heart seeing Rainbow Dash as her second mom, (maybe even permanent), sickness, pregnancy, and lots of other things I'm probably forgetting.

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Insults are very painful, especially if they come from friends and the entire school. That what happened to Rainbow Dash. She felt hurt by what her friends had called her. One day her parents told her that they were returning to their hometown, Cloudsdale before they had moved to Canterlot because they had a better job opportunity and ended up getting paid more money. But then something hit the rainbow-haired girl. (Not literally). She'd be seeing people that she hadn't seen since preschool. People that were going to Cloudsdale High School. Not just ordinary people though, they were her friends. The Wonderbolts. She knew all the Wonderbolt students due to her growing up there and befriending them. After joining the school, what will the students at Canterlot High think of her? Will they realize their mistake, or will the rainbow-haired girl not forgive them for what they did. Another problem approaches though. The Friendship Games are coming up and the two rival schools must prepare. But, is it just one Friendship Game, or is it two?

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Who knew that one song could bring two people together? Well it definitely surprises two band leaders from two different bands. Will there be more extreme events? Perhaps. Maybe these changes could even be life changing. Who knows.

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Rainbow Dash has been hiding a big secret from her non-biological sister and is scared to tell her the truth. Will their relationship stay the same? Also, will the ruler of the pegasi/ queen of Cloudsdale return and reclaim her spot on her throne? In addition to that, who is that queen?

Chapters (7)