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Lil Cheese has a lot to live up to as the child of the element of laughter, but he mostly doesn’t give it a second thought going on adventures with his best friend Lil Mac. However, when his father’s secret is revealed Lil Cheese begins to question who he is and what his purpose is.

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Twilight Sparkle, one of Pinkie’s closest friends is taking her to the museum. At the museum Pinkie Pie notices a ring, so does Rarity. Rarity takes the ring and slips it in pinkie’s mane. At home: pinkie notices the ring, and some writing on it. Once the writing is read pinkie is transformed. Winona disappears and pinkie takes her place. But this is no body switch as pinkie’s body is no where be found. Follow pinkie on this tale of mystery, excitement, and most of all laughs.

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