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Freescript the Bard

Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold.


In the aftermath of a violent confrontation with a dark villain, Celestia finds herself staring down at her own bloody remains, and is soon after visited by the Reaper, who tells Celestia that her destiny does not allow him to take her into the peace of Elysium.

It was not the last time Celestia would meet Death.

A/N: Rated teen for mild gore. Because death isn't pretty sometimes. This is a one-shot. No more. I can't handle the feels.

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My name is Feather. I'm a hippogriff, and a messenger in the city of Baltimare. Ever since I was born, I've been cursed with the worst streak of bad luck on the planet: I've been exiled, persecuted, and bullied... all before I was old enough to walk.

But I'm sure you're not interested in my sorry life.

This is the story of how I suddenly became very important to some ponies, and very dangerous to others. What started as a normal day on the job became the beginning of a scandalous and forbidden love between two noble heirs from two very powerful families. If they were to be discovered, it would invoke a terrible cost on everything and everypony around them.

How long do I have until my misfortune sends everything into a downward spiral?

[A/N]: This story was originally meant to be a one-shot for Valentine's Day, but since it's becoming a larger project than I anticipated, the story will be released in three or four parts as they're completed.

Inspired by Markus Zusak's I Am the Messenger.

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( World of Warcraft crossover. If you don't know the lore or don't play the game, this may be a tad confusing. Takes place after the Fall of the Lich King and before the Cataclysm)

Following a cryptic vision given to them by what appears to be a distressed Naaru calling for aid, a small band of heroes travel to a small island, through a mysterious portal. On the other side, they discover a peaceful utopia, populated by colorful equine creatures, that is a far cry from their war-plagued Azeroth. Some may even call it a paradise. But despite the tranquility of this world, they remain wary of the endangered Naaru, and what peril would cause such a powerful creature to cry for help.

Equestria may be more deadly than it appears.

A/N: Vyncerin the Protector was created by Tony Quintanilla. All other OCs are of my own make. My Little Pony and World of Warcraft belong to their respective owners.

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The third generation AX400 Android is one of the most advanced pieces of pony technology in existence. It can watch the house, do the cooking, mind the kids, organize your appointments, and is entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner. As computers, they are incapable of conscious thought or emotion.

So why does Kara hurt so much when she's told that she's not supposed to think?

Based on this video. Watch before reading. All characters have been ponyfied.

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Hi, my name is Markus.

I thought it was going to be a normal Sunday morning. Boy, was I wrong. Not even out of my bed I discover that I am now Rainbow Dash... and I'm still on Earth. In wake of my sudden change, I try to handle the situation with my knowledge gained from the fandom, my inner brony writer helping me along the way. However, as I soon find out, I'm not the only one with this problem...

Just a self-insert thing I started to get rid of a bout of writer's block. I don't care if it's liked or hated, so enjoy. Please remember, criticism is greatly appreciated, as is praise.

EDIT: For other stories in this universe, PonyEarthverse

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This story is a sequel to Brony Recon: To Live and Love in Equestria

Please read the slightly lower-quality prequel before reading this, as it contains important events linked to this story. Otherwise, Enjoy!

Six bronies, transformed into ponies and sent to Equestria, were charged with the task of developing a diplomatic relationship with Equestria's royalty and determining if they can integrate and thrive among the native ponies. After two months, it seems their mission is a triumphant success; each of them has found a place in their new home. But when a series of unfortunate happenings upsets their new lives, they find that Equestria is not the utopia as they knew it to be. In this, the second story in the Brony Recon series, the bronies find themselves facing new challenges they could never have prepared for.

Welcome to the second installment of Brony Recon. It will be a long and bumpy ride. Oh, and to be warned: in the aftermath of a quartz experiment, Skyblaze and I have been separated, and he is helping me (with some constructive critism) at the end of each chapter!

EDIT: Alternate Universe, as the bronies' introduction to Equestria is right after season two, influencing all events. Season three episodes are not considered.

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Selected at random, six bronies have the privilege of scoping Equestria for the brony fail-safe plan, Exodus Equestria, in case the world turns for the worst on the Herd. With ponyfication only resulting in two or three 'minor' complications, Markus, Chloe, Ben, Sam, Jon, and Nick become ponies and set forth on their quest. But upon reaching Brony Paradise, the small team is scattered across Canterlot valley. Will the bronies reunite? Can they complete their mission? Will Sam ever get used to being a mare? Follow these six pioneers as they find comedy, love, adventure,and challenges they will all face.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Seth continues to check his e-mail.

Please give this a chance beyond the prologue, as it's not exactly a good representation of the story.

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One mid-spring night, Twilight finds a strange spell in the library that doesn't appear to do anything at first. But deep within the Everfree forest, near the old castle ruins and deep in a hidden garden tomb, the spell takes effect. Three stallions awaken, with nothing but their names and the ability to telepathically communicate with each other. Their arrival will unearth some of Equestria's dark and hidden past, and possibly their own. For as they discover their own unique and strange abilities, another power ebbs from the darkness of the past.

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