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No Name 13

Heh, I forgot. What is my name? My twitter!

the bes dazzling:


Rarity is also my fave......

But that ain't mean I can have pics about her!

And why not this!

oh, and this as well:

Your welcome.

My shelf!

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  • Tuesday
    I'm backles!

    I'm back after moi vacation! Now, I can go back to updating this story! So, what did I miss....

    10 comments · 66 views
  • Sunday

    Hi everypony! No name with an important annoucement! I will not be online for awhile cause me, my family, and Rrifting sig are going over to the great wolf lodge! Thus meaning I will not be online for awhile! If you have questions, feel free to pm me! Buh bai!

    11 comments · 57 views
  • 1 week
    Best friends is almost done!

    Just finishing up the second chapter! This is my 100 follower story, as appreciation for all my followers! Especially my 100th follower! Thankies!

    12 comments · 67 views
  • 1 week

    You heard that right! 100! Thankies to all my followers to make this possible! Thankies once more!

    7 comments · 52 views
  • 1 week

    Thankies for everyone who liked my story! Be on the lookout for Best friends, coming soon to an unnamed bookstore nere you!

    1 comments · 47 views

fave characters from other shows:

from bluey:


from the lion guard:


From sonic x:

Miles "tails" prower!

And lastly from amazing world of Gumball:

Darwin Watterson!

was that too much?

User of the month:


Bio: Rainbow Dash is BEST PONY... PERIODT.

my friend, who is really funny:rainbowlaugh:. go say hai!

Rainbowsin Thesky

Profile pic:


The best young six in my opinion:



My fave Equestria girl:

Wallflower Blush!

My fave mlp character:

First fave:

second fave:

third fave:

forth fave:

final fave:

yeesh! I do have too much faves!

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no prob! Same to you to!

just spreading good vibes! :-)

Oh, yes, I should probably thank you... and maybe also ask why?

uh...... Ya welcome?

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The best bio I saw:

Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither. 💖



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