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No name 13

The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, and No name 13 is here to comfort you. :>


Day 15.

This has gotten old quick. Me, my life, everything. I hate my self. I always ruin other’s days.

Who am I? I don’t even know at this rate.

Alone and empty.

If you find this, don’t read it. You’ll just get bored.

I would love to stick around, but I can’t.

Good night my self.


Things have been looking pretty dull for Surn, but how does he handle it? By writing it down of course! Surn's life has flipped after the friendship games, and that means a new Surn as well. Is he ever gonna recover?

I did my best not to merge this story with my life. Being 13 sucks, and loads of things have happened in my 13th year of living......

Edited by Sunnythesavvy. Thank you so much!

Cover by ZettaiDullahan. Thankies to you too!

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Fluttershy loves boops. There's nothing in the world that can replace her boop crazyness. Until today, that is......

Surn wants to boop Fluttershy like usual. But that's gonna prove to be difficult.......

Inspired by the cover photo. I honestly just wrote this for the fun of it......

What's that? More? Sure!

Here's something you wanna see!

No name!

Sorry! Blame Bumble!

Chapters (2)

Ken: A shy person with two muppets he talks with!

Fluttershy: Also a shy person as well, but loves animals!

When both of them meet, they have trouble talking to each other, but they have one thing in common.....

Chapters (1)

Surn: A stubborn person. Mainly not one to persuade so easily!

Rarity: A fashionista. She has a passion for fashion! Why do I rhyme all the time?

Both these two hate each other.... Or is that the case?

Realty is what you think it is....

Follow Surn and Rarity on how they both find something both in their hearts to show that they really do care.

What?! No I don't! I hate her!

Yeah! I hate him as much as he hates me!

Oh brother. :facehoof:

Chapters (4)

Rarity keeps on forgetting everything, and it's outrageous!

Surn does not want in on this, but when it comes to friendship, It's his duty to, help I guess?

"I'm gonna regret this." :facehoof:

The first story of: The crazed adventures of Surn. Enjoy!

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Sunset and Starlight together. What could possibly go wrong?



Her friends getting jelly. Duh.

Takes place after mirror magic.

Moi 100 follower story! Sorry if it's incomplete! I'll try and finish it soon!

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This story is a sequel to Everypony Loves Twilight

This is a story related to dat collab with yourunclefuncle!

How did everypony love twilight? Why is the book: Love in the summertime a part of this? Why do I have to write this? No idea! Read to find out! :rainbowlaugh:

(DISCLAMER! I do not own the story: everypony loves Twilight. this is just a side story I'm making. Your welcome. Guess I was wrong..... :twilightsheepish:)

~ No name 13.

popular on day of publishing! Thankies everyone! :yay:

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