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Yes, my standards here are made out of my lack of self esteem.


Okay, First Blog On My Alt · 3:01pm June 19th

So, some of you know that I basically just released a new story yesterday, so I probably won't be writing any time soon, which is just the way I like it. You know, I'm just getting better when it comes to being less impulsive with story writing. The thing where I start, like, a hundred incomplete stories and never finish any of them, lol.

Either way, enjoy this new blog. I may be trying to blog on this account more often, as well. I dunno. I'll try.

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I just... love watching people... from afar.

Welcome to Fimfiction! if you need anything then I'm your guy! Don't be afraid to ask for help if you get lost in doing things here, and thank you so very much for the follow my friend, or as it shows on here "the watch" as creepy as that sounds lmfao

Thanks for the follow!

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