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Kyle Orin, while on his deathbead, encounters a strange being who sends him on some "second chance" at life to a world he thought was only in a popular TV series; Equestria.

Appearing in his new home right after the changeling invasion, Kyle, now Phasma, Has to prove that he's not trying to usurp anypony, or that he doesn't have an army waiting for attack, at the same time as keeping his origins secret to spare the worlds stability.

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"Reconditus Lunar Dominus. You stand accused of high treason, conspiracy against the very foundations of our kingdom and several attempted invasions that have resulted in the destruction of countless innocent lives. How do you plead?"

I still remember that moment. My accusations were the last thing I ever heard before coming to this... abomination of a land. Of course I plead guilty. They did catch me in the act, and denying it would help little. They sentenced me to execution by vorpal blade- a fate given to only the most troublesome creatures. Fortunately I had a failsafe- a powerful spell I had invented for just this occasion, though it's exact formula was experimental at best. I should have predicted I'd end up in some pastel playground.

Edit! :
For those new readers out there, I am currently going through and heavily editing this entire fanfiction after a near eternity of hiatus. I will be trying to post what chapters I've finished on a weekly basis, but some are longer than others. To my older readers who are returning, I am sorry for the inconvenience but I want to put my absolute best work forward and be absolutely certain of where I am in the story- I hope you'll keep reading and enjoy it even more once the newer chapters roll out!

Until then, look for me in the author's notes, or shoot me a message!

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