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Starlight suddenly finds herself the target of her two closest friends' affections. Only, she doesn't know what to do. Pick one? Neither? ...both?

Cover art by bobthedalek

How aren't there more fics about this adorable trio? I've never been so disappointed.

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After the invasion of Canterlot and the subsequent Royal Wedding, Applejack returns home to recount another crazy tale to her family about Equestria's most recent opponents.

This time, Granny has a tale of her own.

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Following the Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis' hive has been spread across the lands of Equestria, with nearly half of them unaccounted for. The survivors, along with their defeated queen, return home.

When the Hive Council hears of Chrysalis' attack on Canterlot, they decide to remove her from power, exiling her and her hive. Now, her changelings must find a way to survive on their own.

This is one changeling's search for a new home.


Cover art is a scaled down version of "The Unsung End", created by the talented Huussii (used without permission).

Rated Teen for possible language/themes that'll pop up, and just to be safe.

Fair warning, this is the first story I've written in a long time. There's bound to be mistakes, so don't be afraid to point them out (though, I'd ask that you try to at least be constructive).

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