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Yes, I simp for demon girls, what of it?

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  • 5 weeks

    Pogchamp cashmoney

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  • 5 weeks
    A Poem

    Roses are red
    I like bananas
    I'm simping for a new character
    And her name is Stella

    Take that as you will.

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  • 6 weeks

    This is the cover art for my upcoming story.

    Try to guess what it's about.
    Winner might get something.

    Nothing of value, though :D

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  • 7 weeks

    Finally, I finished writing the start of this story...

    Read it, or something, idk

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  • 8 weeks
    Someone said something

    So, Sifipony said that my most recent story (Tagged) was "Stupid funny," and said that they learned something from me.

    10 hours later, I'm still wondering how the fuck this stupid story I wrote with no set plot in mind (heh, plot) is so well received.

    You know, this makes me want to write more stories like this.

    And I will.

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So, how's it going, fellow gamers? It's ya boi, Shawn St0rm...

Pineapples on pizza is a sin.

Moving on...

Pony Waifu(s):

*Ms. Harshwinney
*Windy Whistles
*Limestone Pie

Other Waifu(s):

*Mako (Kill la Kill)
*Diane (Sven Deadly Sins)
*Mina Ashido (Boku No / My Hero Academia)
*Millie (Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss)
*Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Main OC:

Niro Ashnidon

Race: Pegasus

Age: 20 (Pre-show-premiere), 38 (Post finale)

[ I have more, trust me ]


This is Shawn St0rm signing off-





Story Suggestions?

Put 'em all down in the comments down below!

Twilight Sparkle; In My Opinion

I, personally, really like Twilight.
She's not my favorite character, but she's up there.

The odd thing to me is the fact that I like her in the first place.
Usually, I don't tend to like the main characters in stories all too much.
(With the exception of Kill La Kill)

Twilight, to me, is a good role model.
She's nice, she's smart, and she can do things on her own (Which is a given, seeing as she is the main character)

Her development as a character is good, and the way she solves problems is also good.

I wouldn't choose another character to focus the narrative on.

But then, we have her future self.

whoo boy...

I didn't really like it.

It felt like the design team was wanting to make her as much like Celestia as possible, and, as much as I like Celestia, I don't like this look.

It feels cheep. half-assed.

Personally, I would've wanted something like this-

But that's just me.

And then there's the shipping...
oh Faust save us all...

The first one that comes to mind, for me, is...


I don't really care for it.
You like it? Cool. You do you.

My real problem with this ship is that neither of them have any real good chemistry with each other, they barely interacted before hand.

It feels rushed, probably because it was.

Anyway, that's my opinion.
What do you think?

Music Stuff

Favorite Artist(s):

*Imagine Dragons (Yes, seriously)
*Panic! at The Disco
*Maroon 5
*Hollywood Undead
*Lil' Dicky
*Juice WRLD (R. I. P)
*Breaking Benjamin

Favorite Song:
Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

The random shelf (SFW edition)

This random-ass shelf I have set up (Has mature stories within, beware)

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thanks for the add

Ah, so you're one of those...

Hey, that's a perfectly valid reason. I mean, why do we do what we do anyway.

Thanks for sharing.

So, as promised (and, funnily enough, it seems that's part of the reason now, huh...), here's the question: why?

I mean, I have nothing against being followed, but I like to know what prompted it in the first place. Call it innate curiosity, or research, doesn't matter. I want to understand. I need to understand.

And, also, thanks. :pinkiehappy:

Left you some crit on Pink Guy in Equestria.

That's a yes from me, boss.

I finally watched the pilot of Hazbin Hotel. Now time for some rude humor.

Angel Dust would bop to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4tXoeTRCY

I see I've captured the interest of another user. Guess I just got a good ass personality huh

Check my bio, it's real shit

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