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Delays and rewrites · 8:54am April 24th

So...I wrote out the next chapter for Discovering Friendship and...I don't like it. It's okay but it could be so much better. So I'm scrapping the whole thing and redoing the chapter, so the update is being pushed back by just a tidbit. Not everything in the chapter is changing, just bits and pieces to shift the story the way I want it to go. If you guys are interested, I'll put up the scrapped chapter somewhere, probably over on my Patreon(for free viewing, no purchase required, etc,

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you are currently my favorite author for putting up with all of my questions i appreciate that

Story Approver

Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it!:yay:

2322117 I'm not gone or leaving, I'm just taking a break from everything and putting my life together. Writing is what maintains my sanity on a daily basis and I promise you that I am still working on the chapters, but at a relaxed pace without the worry of needing to put a chapter out. It means a lot to me to hear how important my stories are to people and I appreciate it.

Please comeback I really love your stories discovering friendship is what equestria girls should have been and the the way you treat spike a a badass leader makes me happy

Your Fanfiction has everything I want in the series vampire vinal scratch and rarity, conferred rarijack, humanised equestria, and an advance society

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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