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Malyra Loki Blackheart

i am a nice goblin who look for fun, bits, love, bits, sexy plots, bits, sex, bits, and cheesecake... can never have enought cheesecake


my mlp oc · 9:51pm Aug 18th, 2017

my oc,
Name: Eshiraith Blackheart
Race: demon-pony hybrid unicorn base [twin horn that curve backwards
age: 473 years old, [been in outside of Tartarus for 200 years]
Gender: herm
Mane/Tail: onxy black with blue stripe mix in, both mane and tail are braided
Coat: grey
Eyes: glowing fel green
cutie mark: green swirl with an eye in the middle [like lenses of truth from Zelda eye symbol]

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No, a duck face just means she's a horrible person

Achievement unlocked!

Congratulations, you've earned the...

If Sunset Shimmer took a phone from her alternate universe self, would it technically be stealing, and would a duck-face selfie still be in poor taste?

Thank you for adding my story to your favourites list! xxxx

Thanks for the fav

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against Starlight!

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