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I just want to write stories for fun.


Bat Pony Marriage Rituals edits done · 11:09pm January 16th

I have finally completed editing the story. If you want to read it then you can and if you do not want to, I fully support why you do not want to read it. I added a lot more detail to the second chapter to give more details on the rituals and backstory of the Thestrals/Bat Ponies. The other chapters are the same with added scenes to pace out the chapters better.

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Editing 'Bat Pony Marriage Rituals' · 4:34am January 5th

I am now in the process of editing the story 'Bat Pony Marriage Rituals'. Expect the chapter 'The Rituals' to have the most edits and changes as it is the one chapter that needs a lot of more context for the story to be better paced and more understanding about the ritual itself. First chapter 'The Proposal' is finished with editing but the other two chapters will be finish by tomorrow.

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