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Promiscuous Boy

Praying for a title... | Petition for black lives.

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Well, you found my page. Since you're here, check out my stuff. I hope you like it.

Just call me Promiscuous Boy(formerly EccentricBucksFan).

I'm a Bucks fan from the one and only O-Town (Orlando) and I like to read and write. I'm a pretty big music fan, hence some of the modules below. I draw sometimes, and I'm really just tryna make it through each day. I try to make the homie squad bigger every day, so if you wanna join it there's a button for that (labeled Follow.)

Link to come soon.

I listen to music a lot. If you like hip-hop or R&B(or both), check out my playlist. You're welcome.

i also write songs sometimes, here are some lyrics i posted on here
Cool People
Check out these pretty cool people cause why not
-Nosey Flame
-Angel Midnight

Yeah, that's about it for now.



let's work · 10:08pm May 19th



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Unfortunately, I've gotta stay here for now. But I will go eventually.

If you haven't, the next step for your Petition for black lives. is to go outside. People around you first, local leaders and other movers or shakers in your area.

I'm wishin myself luck in life

Thanks, man

Good luck Mr. Boy on your ventures.

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Book of Musical Quotes

Don't be gone too long
Cause you won't be there to love me when you're gone
Don't be gone too long
Cause who's gonna love me when you're gone

-Chris Brown, Don't be Too Long

Church is where I found God, but it's also where I learned to judge.

-NF, 10 Feet Down

Mama called me destructive
Said it ruined me one day
Cause every woman that loves me
I tend to push them away

-The Weeknd, Real Life

Another day in the life
Used to have to scrape to get by
Now my community's gated and I
Made it and my neighbors say hi

-Eminem, Believe

They say everybody plays the fool sometimes
And if I got to I don't mind
I'll be the best damn fool for you
No lie
And girl I lose it every time
There's something about you baby
I swear that it drives me crazy
I'm stuck on stupid, I'm stuck on stupid
And I might need help
Cause I can't think of nothing else, you got me
Stuck on stupid, stuck on stupid for you

-Chris Brown, Stuck on Stupid