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i like reading and my favourite ponies are rainbow dash and scootaloo

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When ponies start to find out that Scootaloo has been stealing from them, she begins to get shunned and outcasted. Not even giving her a chance to explain herself. Scootaloo ends up getting expelled from school and even her own friends kick her out of the cutie mark crusaders. Rainbow Dash not wanting to be associated with a thief, starts avoiding Scootaloo. Depressed and alone she starts to get angry at the rest of the world. On one fateful night she ends up getting visited by the nightmare...

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when dark magic is found in the crystal empire they realise that sombra has a heir who they thought was dead however what they don't realise is that the shadow heir is one of them but there is one question who is the shadow heir and is she evil these are the questions asked by the heirs friends but dash is asking the completely opposite what will happen when they find out it is her it all starts when she and her friends recieve the one letter that dash hoped she will never see the letter telling them that the shadow heir and king sombras daughter has returned but is it just the heir or is it also the king of shadows himself

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Rainbow dash has been sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit and princess Celestia will only release her if she confesses well she has a better idea which includes three things
2) go on the run
3) prove her innocence
will she escape or will she rot in Tartarus find out in this story

comments on how to improve are always welcome

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