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Art isn’t some interpretive drawing, art may as well be the artist. :heart: ~ ~ ~ ~ they/them


During the holidays, many workers are laid off to spend time with their families. Flash Sentry wishes to stay guarding the Crystal Castle despite the blistering frost from outside. No matter how tempting it is to go inside and warm up, he wants to freeze.

To his surprise, Princess Cadence takes time to accompany him to give him a less lonely Hearth’s Warming.

This is for DaOtterGuy for Jinglemas22. I hope you enjoy this little story.

Cover art is from me.
If it's your birthday today— HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Happy Holidays!

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Well, that was certainly unexpected. What made Quibble feel so miserable? He spends time at a bar to drink until the numbness hits. As fate would have it, Sombra arrives unexpectedly. Everypony is scared. All they can do is watch in horror as the King approaches! But Quibble... He isn't budging.

This is my entry for the M/M Shipping Contest!

Cover art is from me. (The art doesn't match the story content. I couldn't write all that I wanted) Will continue this next year after the contest, I do want to write about Windigos asking Alice and Bori to save the holiday season using Sombra’s and Quibble’s growing relationship

If it's your birthday today— HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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There, inside of a dark forest, a single Kirin survives alone. What once was a place of wonder turned into a death trap where the dead shambled and ate anything still alive.

Autumn Blaze can't cure her friends, but maybe... maybe she can find a way to calm them down. Also, using innocent woodland creatures to feed them feels a little amoral to her. Even though it had gotten to a point calling each and every one of her fallen buddies by name is foolish; it wouldn't hurt to help them. It wouldn't hurt to soothe them.

Soothe Them is my take on the living dead genre. This story takes place in the undead universe of THEM which was fashioned by RainbowBob & co-created by PaulAsaran

Cover art was made by me.
If it's your birthday today— HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be wary of dead things that bite!

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After an escort job to Dodge Junction helping a journalist's report, Flash Sentry finds himself discovering a nefarious secret being kept by Cherry Jubilee. Many eyes watch him as it's discovered what the details are... and why he immediately needs to leave.

My (maybe) last attempt at the horror genre (it's just not my style,) comes to fruition by this twisted piece. This is my entry for the SPOOK contest hosted by Nailah.

Cover art illustration is from me!
Happy Halloween! If it's your bir- actually, just- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃

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Over the course of a lifetime, two kirins bond over life's many ups and downs... trying to fight back against the restrictiveness of their leader’s protective watchful eye... or even finally befriending one another.

Time... really flies.

Written for the Kirin Fans of Cuteness group for today is- KIRIN FEST!

Written for Ninjadeadbeard.
And thank you, Short-tale for hosting.

December 19th, 2022. We lost one of the best Fimfic authors on this site. Rest in peace, Ninja.

Cover art is drawn by me.
If, by any chance, it's your birthday today, happy birthday.

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Leisure time at home was all Fleetfoot wanted. Instead, she got a cookie on her table encased inside a protective jar. It calls to her. It is her.

Written for suicide prevention month. Next time you talk to a friend, consider the fact you may not just have a random chat... but you could be ultimately saving their life with each moment spent together too.

Content Warning: Contains the actions of suicide, cookie body gore, graphic imagery , and disturbing themes revolving around them.

Thanks for pre-reading this, Kentavrista

Cover art is illustrated by me
If it's your birthday today- happy birthday!

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This story is a sequel to Pencil Sharps guide to grammar

Being a well known music artist was the best thing to ever happen to Octavia Melody. Her marefriend is a supportive freelance DJ, rolling with the punches alongside her if something happens to go awry. Things seem to be looking brighter than the Equestrian sun, what more can she ask for? When sent fan mail, she adores reading cute stories about how they were inspired by her music, or sometimes cute drawings from foals who look up to her.

This is how she lost all of that.

Content warning: This story has self harm/ contemplated suicide, a sexual innuendo, the neglect of taking prescribed pills, and disturbing themes revolving around such.

Cover art illustration is by me.
Published on August 27th, 2022

If you're going through something awful right now and need someone to talk to. I am so sorry. I have a link below and the phone number to help you. Stay strong.

National suicide prevention lifeline

800-273-8255 | Call or text 988

I don't want to be a total downer. If it so happens to be your birthday today... happy birthday.

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Can't decide on whether you should write with your mouth, hoof, or wing? Here's a helpful guide on how to “get gud” and feel confident with your writing!

From yours truly, Pencil Sharp!

Cover art is made by me.

...there's no actual grammar tips here. sorry.

I'm not sorry for saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If it's your birthday todayyy

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Something beyond the locked doors has the intention to harm. Three ponies decide to stay inside- what's out there? Bad weather? A bugbear? Nopony knows.

I drew the Cover art.


If you're reading this on your birthday... don't be afraid! Happy Birthday!

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Sometimes, you meet a new face and make a new friend. Everyone has at least one thing in common, and I think we all should normalize sharing our interests and hobbies.

Allow me to leave you with this,

”I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

- Helen Keller

Enjoy my entry for The May 2021 Pairing Contest.

Also if it so happens to be your birthday today- pretend I've punched you an appropriate amount of times before yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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