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Art isn’t some interpretive drawing, art may as well be the artist. :heart: ~ ~ ~ ~ they/them

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Can't decide on whether you should write with your mouth, hoof, or wing? Here's a helpful guide on how to “get gud” and feel confident with your writing!

From yours truly, Pencil Sharp!

Cover art is made by me.

...there's no actual grammar tips here. sorry.

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Something beyond the locked doors has the intention to harm. Two ponies decide to stay inside- what's out there? A timberwolf? A bugbear? Nopony knows.

I drew the Cover art.


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Sometimes, you meet a new face and make a new friend. Everyone has at least one thing in common, and I think we all should normalize sharing our interests and hobbies.

Allow me to leave you with this,

”I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

- Helen Keller

Enjoy my entry for The May 2021 Pairing Contest.

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PacifistDoodl3r here :twilightsmile: Welcome to my short stories that are now being continued after months- heck, a year- of inactivity on Fimfic. Whether they be from a competition or something I wrote between main fic releases; here's a lovely collection of fics. Please excuse minor grammar mistakes... I hope to use this to sharpen my writing in a way.

I'm keeping these stories between 600 - 2,500 words, and they won't be rated Mature. However, the tags may change but who knows.

Every “chapter” has the title of the story and the date I've written it.

Anyways, enjoy.

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Coco Pommel is going to a new city, a gentle goodbye was all she wanted. But something serious has been going on around Canterlot High; An anonymous person going by “Cupid” has been terrorizing the mane 7 but most importantly... the entire school! And to top it all off, she has a week before she moves away forever. Can she attempt to uncover this mystery in time and help everybody?

Cover art is made by me.
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