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Art isn’t some interpretive drawing, art may as well be the artist. :heart: ~ ~ ~ ~ they/them

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  • Friday

    Ironically not viewing the last blog post....

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  • Friday
    Now... hold on a minute (let go of the minute when you finish reading)

    A fellow author of whom will remain confidential posted a pretty important blog post and only got 10 views while having 200+ followers. My silly ramblings get on average... 20? Does this have to do with my blogs appearing aggressively on my page? I dunno... I guess I feel pretty bad. Apologies if my seemingly rather abrasive nature makes you uncomfortable. Some time ago I vented and lost a follower. Well, I jumped to conclusions that the vent was the reason I lost a follower. Anyhow- I will

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Glad you enjoyed the read! :heart::twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed Forgotten Memories! Stay awesome!

Thanks for the interest in Forgotten Memories! Stay awesome!

Thanks for the add on Story of Us! I know you just came here from the link, but still, stay awesome!

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