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Brony, gamer, and I want to design games when I grow up. I have a WILD IMAGINATION and sometimes like to write. If I do write please don't be afraid to criticize me. :) /)


Things that might get in the way · 3:18pm Aug 28th, 2012

Hey everypony its loopertooper here to say that school is starting up this week so that might get in the way of writing I will still make it a priority to write on OCs are magic and maybe P-RPG

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Updating maybe? · 2:32am Aug 19th, 2012

Hey everypony, i haven't been updating P-RPG for a while now so I might do that soon but my new story My little pony: OCs are Magic has been a lot more successful so ive been putting my heart into that. Expect an update soon /)

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SHOUT OUT · 10:34am Aug 12th, 2012

Hey everypony its me loopertooper here with the news. SHOUT YOUR LOVE OUT TO epicdonus1123, who offered to proofread My Little Pony: OCs Are Magic. Thank you soooo much

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OCs · 12:55am Jul 25th, 2012

I just wanted to say thank you to all who have already sent me OCs and to those who might not know im still accepting OCs okay just message me their color, attitude, cutie mark, type, and anything else I might need to know thank you

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[no title] · 2:20pm Jul 2nd, 2012

By the way: My avatar and the banner picture for P-RPG are made from the pony generator made by generalzoi

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Blade's Cutie Mark · 2:02pm Jun 24th, 2012

Hello, if you've taken time out of your day to look at my fan fiction, thank you. Also to an people with the ability to draw, because I can't, I was wondering if anyone could draw Blade's Cutie Mark and send it to me. I made Blade on the Pony Generator on deviantart, but don't have a cutie mark yet. If you're willing to, thank you very much and the cutie mark is described in the story P-RPG

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