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Totally worth reading (100% approved, by me.)

  • Hail to the King A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire. by Qwapdo 85,508 words · 62,427 views · 5,254 likes · 87 dislikes
  • It Must be Tuesday The Lone Wanderer is in a predicament. Fallout/FIM crossover. HiE by Explodium 126,278 words · 27,489 views · 2,688 likes · 56 dislikes
  • Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger A mission to investigate a far off world takes an interesting twist. by AdmiralTigerclaw 66,597 words · 55,229 views · 5,240 likes · 85 dislikes
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Thanks for the fave of 'Ciphers'!

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well. :)

God what am I doing...

Well, judging by your avatar, you're clearly doing a...


Thanks for faving 'Hungry for some pie'! :D

Thanks for the fave! :yay:

Mleep, thanks so much for the favorite on Calling Home. If you're interested in more stories make sure to follow my page!

  • Viewing 88 - 92 of 92
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