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Blue Breeze


Everyone in Ponyville is well aware of a certain purple earth pony's "interest" in drinking the night, day, or really any time away that she can. Thinking her antics have gone on for too long, her friend decides to give her a push into sobriety.

Can the town drunk sober up? ...Maybe?

Editing done by Rhino and Bronystories.

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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a pegasus. It's a griffon. It's a... Oh, I give up. Wait, it's the one and only Captain Colt Stallion, the superhero who is half colt, half stallion, and 100% stallionly. And he is the only thing standing in the way of evil-doers from destroying the proud city of Maretropolis... Celestia and Luna help us all.

Original idea inspired from Gutter_Cat. Coverart by Rhino.

Just a silly, little superhero parody I randomly got inspired to do and decided to write. Not meant to be taken seriously at all and is just for fun. I hope you enjoy it.

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Truth really is stranger than fiction. What people may think as impossible may actually happen if fate alligns itself in the right way. One human teenage brony finds this out all too well when life throws a curveball at him in the form of a colorful fairytail world full of candy-colored equines that are so crazy that he may quickly follow them in their footsteps-er, hoofsteps.

Another Human in Equestria story to add on to the dozens of mountains of pre-existing ones. I know this is incredibly cliched, but that's entirely the reason for me doing it. So I can say that I did. If you can't handle that, then that's not really my problem.

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Taking place several months after fulfilling his dream, Blue Breeze continues living his life in Ponyville with all of his crazy friends as he survives all of the even crazier situations they get into.

This is the latest in a long line of fics about Blue Breeze. It is highly recommended to at least read 'The Mark of Blue Breeze' and 'Continuing the Dream' before reading this one.

The coverart was done by Rhino.

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An ordinary story author named Tim thrusts himself into his Equestria that he's written and has decided to force his OC, Blue Breeze, into doing what he himself has always wanted to do and have his very own cooking show. Things can only go downhill from there.

This story is basically a parallel dimension to the other Blue Breeze centered stories I've done, meaning while it has all the same characters and couples, none of this is canon to those stories.

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Two years after discovering his powers in the Everfree Forest, Blue Breeze starts high school in Cloudsdale, trying to survive the situation like any teenager. Can the blue weather entusiast juggle all the crazy ponies throughout both his new school and around his town? With determination and new friends to help along the way, he may just be able to.

This story is a sequel to 'The Mark of Blue Breeze' and a prequel to 'Continuing the Dream'. The first story I highly recommend reading to help you understand this story. As for the second, it's not necessary, but I would appreciate it, and it will help you get any references to that story I may make throughout this story.

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What ever happened to Blue Breeze after that fateful night in the Everfree Forest? Did he ever go back to further his studies on the forest's strange weather? Or did he give up that dream and move on to something else? Well, this story follows Blue Breeze through his life, many years after that night.

This story is a sequel to my last story, 'The Mark of Blue Breeze' and another of my stories, 'Those Awkward Teen Years'. The first story I highly recommend reading to understand what's going on. The second isn't required, but I would appreciate it.

Credit goes to Rhino for the awesome cover image.

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If you're one of few who knows or even cares about Blue Breeze, you might have wondered "what is the story behind his cutie mark?". Well, this story will be telling the tale that led to Blue Breeze discovering who he really is and what kind of power has been sleeping deep inside of him.

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